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Introducing…CardShark Business Card Reader for iOS

contactspls | March 13, 2013

At FullContact, we’re big fans of CardMunch. Otherwise we wouldn’t have built our CardShark business card transcription API, which we released to the public last year.

Our goal with the CardShark API was to allow developers to build apps that didn’t limit you to keeping the contacts on your phone. …but not everyone’s a developer. And some of you don’t want to take the time to build a business card app that integrates with the CardShark API.

So with that in mind, today we’re excited to announce CardShark Business Card Reader for iOS – an iOS app that offers incredibly-accurate business card transcription…and a whole lot more.

Here are a few key features:

Business Cards to Salesforce Leads

If you’re one of Salesforce’s more than 100,000 customers, you’ll love this: Right out of the gate, CardShark supports importing business cards into Salesforce. All you have to do is connect the CardShark app to your Salesforce account.*

Then it’s off to the races – just snap a business card, wait while our team transcribes the card, and watch as a new lead is created in Salesforce. To make things fit even better with your workflow, you can map different contact fields to Salesforce lead fields, and CardShark respects Salesforce field-level security.

[getImage id=”” class=”aligncenter size-medium wp-image-6111″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/iphone-business-card-reader1-169×300.jpg” width=”169″]

All-in-all, it’s the simplest, most accurate way to create Salesforce leads from business cards.

(And yes – we came up with this entire idea after our BizDev team begged for it.)

Your Cards Are Your Cards

As we mentioned when we first announced the CardShark API, scanning business cards is great – but only if you can get the business card data where you want it. Data portability is important to us, so we built the CardShark Business Card Reader with that in mind.

If you have access to the FullContact beta, we also allow you to directly import business cards into FullContact from CardShark. From your FullContact account, you’ll be able to automatically sync your cards into your Google Contacts account (and other accounts soon to follow). It’s as easy as signing into FullContact via CardShark and starting snapping cards.

And as a last bit on the portability front, you can always import cards directly into your iPhone contacts, and use that to sync to your other contact management sources.

[getImage id=”” class=”aligncenter” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/import-business-cards-to-salesforce.jpg” width=”200″]

As we’ve said before, your contacts are your contacts. We built CardShark for iOS to allow you to have access to them.

Human Transcription

When you use a business card app to add a business card to your contacts, you want the data to be correct – otherwise, why not just type it in by hand?

OCR has come a long way – but when it comes to business cards, it still can’t get things done. Given the different shapes, sizes, and layouts of business cards, digital character recognition just can’t do the right job of reading a business card and assigning all the data to the appropriate fields.

That’s why we built CardShark around human transcription…and why we can claim better accuracy than almost any other business card scanner out there.

Offline Business Card Capture

If you meet a great contact on a flight from New York to L.A., you don’t have to wait – go ahead and add them to CardShark!

Whenever you’re on the ground with access to the internet again, CardShark will automatically submit the previously-scanned card for transcription.

Those are just a few of the features we built into CardShark for iOS…and we’re not done yet. Download CardShark Business Card Reader today and get 10 cards free!

Go give it a try and let us know what you think!

Happy scanning!