Introducing FullContact for Mac: A Better Mac Address Book

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce FullContact for Mac to the world! If you’re a Mac user, you can now download FullContact for Mac from the Mac App Store and start using a better Mac address book.

We’ve been testing FullContact for Mac for the past few months, and based on your feedback we’ve built an app we think you’ll use every day. Here are a few of the reasons you’ll love it:

Update your Mac Contacts

FullContact for Mac lets you automatically find photos, social profiles, job titles, locations, and more to get a complete view of your contacts and make better connections. You can finally add photos to your Mac contacts automatically!

Add social profiles and photos to Mac Contacts

Lightning-Fast Interface

Use FullContact for Mac’s menu bar to quickly search by any detail. From names to titles, you can find what you’re looking for more easily than in the native Contacts app. Full support for keyboard shortcuts means you can also add new info to your contacts just by typing.

Sync Across Platforms

Want to keep your personal iCloud contacts in sync with your Exchange contacts from work? FullContact for Mac makes it easy. You can manage your contacts in Gmail, iCloud, or Exchange and see them sync to your Mac in real-time (and vice-versa!)

Sync Platforms

Menu Bar or Dock

You may not want to constantly be tabbing past your address book when using Cmd-Tab to change programs. FullContact for Mac lets you choose whether it’s present in the dock, or just as a menu bar app – whatever your preference.

Menu Bar

Streamline Your Workflow

FullContact makes it easier to be awesome with people. Load Google Maps, Mail, or make a call right from FullContact for Mac. Share contacts via Mail, Airdrop, Messages, and more. Tag your contacts and add notes, then watch them sync everywhere you use contacts.

Mac address book tags sync

…and that’s just the beginning.

Want to get a better idea of FullContact for Mac’s features? Check out our video:

Try It Out

The best way to see what FullContact for Mac is capable of is just to try it out. We’re certain it will become one of the essential apps you use every day.

Download FullContact for Mac today!