FullContact Adds Multiple Google Account Sync

Ever since we started getting feedback on FullContact, our most-requested feature has been the ability to sync the contacts in two Google accounts together, to make them identical. Today we’re excited to bring that feature to life, easing the pain that so many of you have dealt with for entirely too long.

In the past, if you wanted to keep identical address books in two different Google accounts, the process was tedious and risky at best. You’d have to export your contacts from one, import them to another and hope that nothing got lost in the process. Then, as soon as a change happened in either account, you were out of sync once again.

With multiple Google account sync, FullContact makes the process drop dead simple. If you’re a FullContact Premium user, just add a second (or even a third) Google address book, then change your Sync Settings and you’re done. In a matter of minutes, you’ll have identical address books across your Google accounts, and they’ll always stay that way.

Of course, as a Premium user, you’ll also have access to a wealth of other features:

  • Remove duplicate contacts
  • Sync contacts from Google every 20 minutes
  • Daily updates with new information about contacts
  • Backup up to 25,000 contacts
  • 50 business card transcriptions per month

For those of you using FullContact on iOS, multiple Google account sync is available in the mobile app as well. Just tap the menu button in the top left, head to Settings, then Add Address Book. Your sync settings are in the same Settings menu, and you can access them by tapping on any account that you’ve connected.

We know that many of you are excited to see this feature finally get released into the wild, and we’re here to answer your questions when they arise. Need to get in touch? Drop a line to our Customer Success team, or say hi to us on Twitter.

A sneak peak at our next feature? You bet. FullContact will sync your address book Tags with Google Groups, so that you can preserve the work you have already done to organize your contacts. Tags and Groups will be easily manageable inside FullContact, and they will sync across any connected Google accounts.