Card Reader now works with Salesforce Group and Professional editions!

Today we are proud to announce that FullContact is now a Salesforce ISV partner – which means FullContact Card Reader now works with any version of Salesforce that supports Leads!

When we first released FullContact Card Reader on iTunes, we were excited to see what types of users were downloading the app. We were especially interested in adoption amongst Salesforce customers and specifically what edition of Salesforce they were using.

What we found was that many of our users (just under 70 percent) were on Group or Professional editions that did not have Salesforce API access — which meant they couldn’t use Card Reader with their version of Salesforce. That is obviously a concern and something that we needed to address right away.

Working closely with Salesforce, we are now able to offer any sales team that uses Salesforce Group, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, or Developer edition the ability to turn business cards into actionable Leads – all from an iPhone photo. We are very excited about the partnership, as it opens up the application for many of our Salesforce users. But beyond that, it speaks to two of our core values at FullContact: We are customer-focused, and we never stop improving.

We’ve also made some other improvements over previous versions, including better Salesforce connectivity, support for custom Salesforce login URLs, and of course we’ve boosted the overall app performance.

We hope that this will open up Card Reader to more of you, and that it will help meet your demands. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished and we think you’ll love it. To see just how beneficial it is to import accurate contacts into Salesforce with only a click, give the app a download and get started for free.