Get More Leads from Networking Efforts with Contact Management for BNI Groups

Contacts+ is a smart address book for professionals growing their network through

Contact Management for BNI Groups

If you’re a B2C business professional, you know the struggle of filling your lead pipeline and keeping tabs on prospects.

With contacts scattered between address books, devices and spreadsheets, there’s got to be an easier way. Contacts+ is a smart contact management system for Business Network International and other networking groups.

With features like automatic syncing, contact updates, and the ability to share contacts with colleagues and teams, BNI group members in every industry are using Contacts+ to keep contacts organized and capture every opportunity uncovered from networking efforts.

Contacts+ is a smart contact management system

Sync BNI Leads to a Single Address Book

You never know when your next BNI lead will present itself.

Whether exchanging business cards at a local BNI event, running into an old colleague or sharing contact information through email, it doesn’t take long for valuable leads to be scattered across many different accounts and devices.


Enter Contacts+

The powerful BNI contact management app syncs contacts across all of your Google, Apple and Outlook accounts. So no more switching from app to app to find complete contact data. Contacts+ is your single source of truth - on any device.

Contacts+ for Desktop

Contacts+ for Desktop

When you’re at your desk, sync and manage contacts from your favorite browser. Take notes, add new leads, organize your contact lists, and keep contacts up-to-date with Assistant.

Contacts+ for Mobile

Apple and Android users can access their synced, unified address book, make calls, scan business cards and manage contacts - all on the go. Sign-up for free on your favorite device:


Find Missing Buyer and Seller Contact Information With Data Enrichment

According to Gartner, data decays at a rate of about 3% every month. That means that your lead data can quickly become stale. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Contacts+ is more than just a synced address book for managing BNI leads. It routinely scans your contacts and provides missing and updated contact information that’s publicly available.

That means you won’t ever lose essential contact information and data, like

  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Job
  • Website
  • Address
  • Social media handles
  • Profile picture.

Keep your leads’ contact information up-to-date they change jobs, move to a new area, or change contact information. With data enrichment as part of your BNI group’s contact management system, your contacts stay clean and up-to-date so you can keep every conversation on-point.

Prospect and Connect with New BNI Leads

Growing your network with Contacts+ is seamless and easy.


Use AI to Scan and Enrich Business Cards

Business cards are an easy way to collect contact information from professionals and leads in your network. With Contacts+, you can instantly turn business cards into a contact record with the desktop, Apple, or Android app.

Simply snap or scan a photo, and Contacts+ Business Card AI will capture the card information and create a contact record in your BNI contact management software. But more importantly…

Once the contact data is scanned and added to your Contacts+ address book, Contacts+ routinely checks for missing or updated contact info - like job title, location, email address, LinkedIn profile, and more.

Instead of a static business card, you have a dynamic contact record with complete, up-to-date information that’s ready for outreach.


Create and Update Contacts from Email Signatures

Email signatures hold a wealth of contact information right in your inbox - but who has time to document and organize every email signature?

The Contacts+ Gmail Chrome extension automatically creates and updates contacts found in email signatures in your inbox. It’s your data, so save time by having it organized, updated and available across all of your devices and operating systems.

Make the Most of
Networking on Social

Social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are valuable resources for making connections within your BNI network.

Contacts+ Connector, a chrome extension, is a fast and easy way to add connections and leads found on social media to your Contacts+ contact management software.

Once the new contacts are added, Contacts+ serves recommendations on missing, outdated, new, and duplicate contact information, making it even easier for you to take the next steps towards networking with new connections.


Keep BNI Leads Organized

Contact management software for BNI groups keeps contact data clean and organized. Add tags to create segmented contact lists so you can quickly access your leads.

Smart tags make it simple to pull up contacts based on certain criteria, like how the contact was sourced or which of your contacts has a birthday today.

Don’t let stagnant data slow you down and hurt your chances of closing that next deal. Contacts+ identifies outdated email addresses, dead website links, and empty contact records so you can cleanse your Contacts+ address book of ineffective information. Plus, smart deduplication keeps your records neat and tidy (and who doesn’t love being organized?)


With everything synced, cleaned, and up-to-date, you can spend more time connecting with your network and less time manually managing your contacts.

Share Contacts with Teams

Easily share contacts between users in your BNI Group with Contacts+ Teams.

With a Teams account, you can create a shared workspace, enabling your users to add, share and manage leads so your entire BNI group can stay aligned and on the same page. Keeping a central lead database is a great incentive for new members to join your BNI group - giving everyone a quick, secure way to access leads across the network.


Integrate with your Favorite Sales and Marketing Software

One of the ways Contacts+ makes your life easier is how it seamlessly integrates with other tools you use. Instantly connect Contacts+ to your favorite sales and marketing software with our Zapier integration. Easily automate workflows between Contacts+ and apps like Hubspot, Salesforce, MailChimp, and others that are part of Zapier’s 5,000+ apps available for integration.

With Contacts+ as your BNI group contact management solution, your leads are enriched, up-to-date, synced across your address books, and available on all of your devices.