Sync Across Accounts

Keep all of your contacts in sync & up-to-date across all of your accounts. Never manually update contacts from your phone to your email address book ever again -- we’ll keep it consistent for you.

Never Deal with Duplicates

Have multiple pieces of information about a single contact stored in various places? We'll unify this information into one true view of each contact.

Scan & Save Business Cards

Scan single or multiple business cards with your device’s camera. Our transcription team will transcribe your image into a live contact and double-verify for accuracy.

Integrate with Your Tools

Integrate your contacts with other tools you use including PieSync and Zapier for powerful, customizable integrations.

Plus Many Great Features

  • Cross Platform Access Use Contacts+ across iOS, Android, and Web (Mac, Windows and Linux)
  • Contextual Notes Keep important notes on each of your contacts.
  • Categorization Tags Quickly organize your contacts into groups with tags.
  • Call Blocking & Identification Block identified spam callers and get enhanced caller ID. New to Contacts+ for iOS
  • Productivity Integrations Integrate with many of the leading SaaS apps to easily make use of your customer contact lists. (Premium Only)
  • Granular Search Set advanced search options to narrow down the results and quickly search thousands of contacts.
  • Birthday Reminders Never forget a birthday again, with weekly reminders.
  • Secure Storage & Backup All your contacts are safe and securely stored and backed up in the cloud, with access to 6 months of edits and change activity. (6 months activity history is available on Premium only)
  • Email Signature Extraction Automatically turn Gmail signatures into contacts in your address book. (Premium Only) Coming Soon