Easily add contacts to your address book with a single click.


Quickly add any web contact information to your Contacts+ address book.


Contacts+ allows you to add context to your relationships with its smart, cloud-based address book. You can access your address book from anywhere, on any device, all while syncing your contacts with the services you already use such as Google, iCloud, and Office 365.


Contacts+ Connector gives you the ability to quickly add contacts into your address book right from your browser toolbar. Visit a social profile page and look for the Contacts+ toolbar icon. Click the icon and at the click of the button the contact will be added to your address book.


It's the quickest way to add contacts to your Contacts+ address book!

Do you have a template based site that it doesn’t work on? Let us know, or let a developer know, the extraction tool behind the scenes is open source software.


  • A Contacts+ account
  • Google Chrome

User Responsibility

Contacts+ Connector is a proprietary algorithm that retrieves publicly available contact data from webpages. In using the Contacts+ Connector extension to manage contact data, users are responsible for keeping in adherence to the User Agreement of LinkedIn or any other third party platform. Using Contacts+ Connector in a way that breaches the User Agreement of LinkedIn or other third party platforms may result in a locked account or revoked license.