Get custom dossiers attached directly to your Google Calendar Events.

Do you have meetings with attendees that you don’t know? See all attendees and get their social profiles, occupation, demographics, interests, bio and more - all using the power of Contacts+. Contacts+ Dossier will add a dossier link to the description of your meetings that allows you to see information on the attendees of the event. It will also makes it easy to ensure that all attendees are in your address book, automatically.

And you can also plan your trip to attend the meeting, with just one click, finding the available hotels nearby your meeting, getting driving directions and even renting a car or buying an airline ticket, all without leaving Dossier.

GSuite Marketplace

To install from the GSuite Marketplace, click here.


  • Context rich dossiers created for the calendar events you attend.
  • A link to the dossier automatically added to your calendar events.
  • Optionally have all attendees of events you attend added to your address book.


  • What calendar providers does it work with?
    At this time it only works with Google Calendars.
  • How do you link more than one Google Calendars on different
    accounts?Click on “Add” under “Google Accounts” in the Dashboard.

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