How 2 Minutes Can Hurt Your Business

Since we released FullContact Card Reader (the app formerly known as CardShark Business Card Reader), we’ve been researching business cards, OCR, and the best iPhone business card readers you can use to shorten your workflow. And in our research, we’ve found that on average it takes almost 2 minutes to enter a business card into an address book or CRM by hand.

For most people, a stack of 10 business cards = 20 minutes of lost productivity.

For those who go to a conference and return home with 50 business cards, they’re looking at almost 2 hours spent just getting those contacts into a place where they can do something with them.

And for a small Sales team of 5 people who pick up 50 cards each in a month, you’re looking at losing more than 8 hours of productivity that could be spent closing deals or growing opportunities.

(Now picture a team of 100 salespeople.)

There are 2 conclusions we can make here:

1) The larger your team, the more time you’re wasting,


2) For a device so convenient, business cards are horribly inconvenient.

A Simple Solution

Based on those numbers (and a ton of requests from current Card Reader users), today we’re happy to announce the availability of FullContact Card Reader for Teams.

If you’ve got a team of 5 or more, you can now take advantage of annual invoicing and discounted pricing on FullContact Card Reader. Your entire team will be able to snap an iPhone photo of a business card and have it converted to an accurate Lead in Salesforce.

(Which means they can stop doing data entry and get back to what they do best: growing your business.)

Why Not Use an OCR App?

Q: There are lots of OCR apps on the market – so why not save money and use them for your team?

A: Because they’ll actually wind up costing you time.

Business cards come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and formats – and there’s no “one size fits all” option. Because of that, OCR just isn’t smart enough to get it right most of the time.

More often than not, if you use an OCR scanning app for your business cards, you’ll wind up spending extra time correcting all the errors. Which means you’re probably wasting even more time than you would have entering the card by hand!

We built FullContact Card Reader to use human transcription to solve this problem. When your team snaps a card image, enters in the details, and submits it, our team of transcribers enters the data by hand – which means your whole team gets accurate Salesforce Leads with less effort. Just like above, your team can spend less time spent correcting errors, and more time following up with your full Sales pipeline.

Find Out More

FullContact Card Reader for Teams is available for all teams over 5 people. No matter how large the team, we can accommodate it.

Drop us a line and stop dealing with the business card bottleneck. We’ll look forward to hearing from you.