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Announcing FullContact's Business Card Reader for Android

travistodd | February 18, 2014

Today we’re excited to announce FullContact Card Reader for Android. It’s the easiest way for Android users to add business cards to their device or into Salesforce. Just snap a photo of a card, then real people will transcribe it for you. Accurate contact data is added back to your phone.

Yes, it really is just that simple.

After releasing the FullContact Card Reader for iOS, one of the more common requests that we had was an app for Android. We’ve been hard at work to make sure that our Android version was every bit as great as Card Reader for iOS. We’re happy to let you know that you can download Card Reader for Android today from Google Play. And for a limited time, use of the app is completely FREE!

While there are a few card reader applications available for Android, we can’t help but feel some pride in bringing one of the first that focuses on card transcription by real people. The benefit to you? Exemplary data quality as compared to apps that use optical character recognition (OCR). Further, with our direct Salesforce integration, we think it’s the perfect solution for sales professionals.

What else do you need to know? We thought you’d never ask!

  • Card Reader for Android lets you export your scanned cards directly to your device’s contact list.
  • Offline mode lets you scan in cards no matter where you are. They’ll be transcribed when you have a solid data connection again.
  • FullContact is a Salesforce ISV partner. You get seamless integration into Salesforce and complete data safety.

Thanks for downloading FullContact Card Reader for Android. We’re hoping that you’ll be delighted by what you find.