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Calendar Productivity Hack: One-Click Hotel Booking Near Meeting Locations

chicke | September 11, 2018

Imagine, your perfect world. You just confirmed a meeting with the prospect that you have been trying to schedule for months and they managed to get everyone involved in the decision in one meeting! You have just added that meeting to your Google Calendar.  You are feeling pretty good!

Not even a minute later, you have background on the all people that you are meeting with, including a link to your most recent emails to them.  And, you are confirmed at a hotel right near the meeting, so you don’t have to rent a car.  In fact, it is close enough to walk!

Science fiction?  The new administrative assistant you’ve dreamed of is finally a reality?

Nope.  It is Dossiers and TripProximity.

Dossiers, a tool by FullContact, has a G Suite integration that provides you with new link within all of your calendar entries.

This link takes you to the Dossier application that gives you a recap of the meeting (the time and place), the social media links for the people you are meeting with, their contact information, their biography, and even a link to their last few emails and tweets.

And with the TripProximity link, which automatically pre-populates the address and the dates of the meeting, you can not only find a hotel nearby where you are staying with a single click, but it provides driving directions and optionally, you can rent a car and get an airline ticket.


No more navigating Google Maps

Gone are the days of drilling down to view all the hotels nearby on Google Maps. On the surface, this seemed like a great idea until you realized how long it takes to see what is actually available for the dates you are traveling and to see what the actual price is for those dates on the multitude of booking systems they suggest.

Just one click and you see the results for available hotels and how far each one is away from your meeting location.  You can book with confidence, knowing you won’t waste time getting to and from your meeting.

You can filter by hotel name, chain, price and any number of other filters.  Need a hotel with free internet and breakfast included?  No problem.

Oh, and the hotel rate is guaranteed to be the lowest price publicly available online?  And once I book, if I find a lower rate for the same property and room on the same date range they will write me a check for 110% of the price difference, no questions asked?

Now I know I am dreaming.

If you only know FullContact as a data company or through the amazing contact management capabilities, then you don’t know the power of FullContact!

Install the Dossiers G Suite integration today to get started for free with both Dossiers and TripProximity.  And, if you want to get your own smart trip tool for people visiting your company, click here.