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Capturing Attention: An Interview with Ben Parr

Leslie | December 29, 2019
Contacts+ user interview with Ben Parr

From coining the concept of “Captivology” to weaving it into his day-to-day, Ben Parr certainly captured our attention. An entrepreneur, investor, author, and more, Ben is thoughtful in his approach to business and people.

It is with this forward-thinking that Ben proactively engages with his network and leans on tools to help him do so. That’s where we come in. From “haphazardly managing his contacts in Google and Apple contacts” to unifying his connections for a single source of truth, Ben says, “Contacts+ makes it easy for me to centralize all my contacts from all my address books and social networks. It’s super easy to use and understand and has made managing my network much easier.” 

In his most recent endeavor, Octane AI, Ben saw the need for companies to meet their customers where they already were. As messaging platforms grew, so did the inevitable need to build a connection between companies and customers on these channels, such as Facebook Messenger and SMS. It is through the tens of thousands of contacts he had built over time that he gained investors and employees to create a technology that is now used by over one thousand brands.

“Anyone who does anything with large amounts of people” could benefit from using the app.

Ben knows the importance (in addition to the science and psychology) of capturing people’s attention but goes the extra mile when it comes to his own connections by giving them his undivided attention. Using tags, search, and filters, Ben can reach out to his contacts based on location to ensure he has the opportunity to connect when he’s traveling. It’s evident Ben values the tools that help him stay in touch with people, noting that “anyone who does anything with large amounts of people” could benefit from using the app. 

It’s safe to say that Ben not only captured our attention but left us thinking about how we can continue to raise the bar of our user experience so they can further their connections. 

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