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FullContact Acquires Cobook with Pot, Ski Passes and Dogecoin

contactspls | January 15, 2014

Just kidding, we didn’t use Dogecoin. Or the other two. But they are moving to Colorado, so infer what you will. With that being said…

I’m thrilled to announce that FullContact has acquired Cobook.

As part of the acquisition, the entire Cobook Team will be moving from Riga, Latvia to Denver, Colorado. Kaspars Dancis, the CEO of Cobook, will be taking over responsibility of the entire FullContact Address Book platform.

We’ve admired Cobook’s work and team from afar (literally across the Atlantic Ocean) and I’m super excited to build some insanely great products with Kaspars and the entire Cobook team.

It’s been FullContact’s quest to solve the world’s contact information problem. As we like to say: “If you’ve got an address book, you’ve got an address book problem.” FullContact has always aimed to solve this problem by providing a ridiculously smart, unified address book in the cloud.

With the acquisition of Cobook, the plan is to provide our users with the same unified address book capabilities on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Together, we’ll eventually provide users a seamless contact management experience experience on any device.

Unfortunately, I can’t give specific dates when we’ll have Cobook and FullContact fully integrated. We’re dedicated to providing a terrific experience for both Cobook users and FullContact users, and we don’t want something silly like release dates to get in our way!

The acquisition experience was a rather unique one. I’ll be writing about the entire journey soon. In the meantime, you can check out these helpful resources about the acquisition: