FullContact Can Now Import Email Signatures from Your Gmail Inbox

Say goodbye to the hassle of searching your inbox for current email addresses and phone numbers, or cutting and pasting email signature information to add to your contacts. FullContact’s newest Premium feature identifies contact information in the email signatures in your Gmail inbox and adds them to your contacts.

Let Your Inbox Fill In Missing Contact Data

Your inbox can now make easy work of keeping your contacts up-to-date with current and complete contact information. For example, when people you know change companies, titles, work phone numbers, or email addresses, they often change their email signatures before they make changes to their LinkedIn profile or their business cards.

FullContact can now automate the process of finding and importing up-to-date contact information from the email signatures in your inbox – even from emails sent to you in the past or saved in other email folders.

Here’s How It Works

After you connect your inbox, FullContact will begin identifying and importing new signatures as they arrive.

We’ll only import a signature if you’ve emailed the person at some point in time, to make sure that you have a real relationship with them. If you haven’t emailed the person, we’ll wait until you do to import the signature.

Past Signatures

FullContact will also capture signatures from the last 30 days of your inbox prior to connecting, to make sure you have as much current information as possible.

For every contact with an email signature, we’ll display the received date so you know when the signature appeared in your inbox. In FullContact for Web, we’ll also deep link to your most recent email thread with that person in Gmail, so you can check it out yourself:

Create New Contacts Instead of Updating Existing Contacts?

By default, FullContact will only use email signatures to update your existing contacts. That’s great for most people, but you might also want to create new contacts for anyone with whom you’ve exchanged emails. If that’s the case, just login to settings and change the settings for that inbox to create new contacts.

Bulk or Spam Signatures

We’ve got you covered. FullContact uses advanced filtering to prevent spam or bulk emails from creating new contacts or messing up your current contacts. For example, an email newsletter you receive or an unsolicited mass email won’t be imported. Like you, FullContact is focused on real people and relationships.

Ignore Signatures

What if you repeatedly get emails from a person or company who you don’t want in your contacts? For example, say there’s a pesky salesperson who isn’t taking no for an answer. In FullContact for Web, you can ignore specific email information such as:

  • Addresses (johnny@salesguy.com)
  • Usernames (info@adomain.com)
  • or Entire domains (@salesguy.com)

Here’s what that looks like:

Once you’ve ignored an email signature, that address, username, or domain will never be captured again, even if you respond to the person with a polite, “Not interested.”

Privacy FAQs

FullContact will never send, delete, or modify emails on your behalf. FullContact needs access to your inbox solely for the purpose of enabling our algorithm to look for signature information in your email. FullContact does not permanently store any information from your email, except for contact data captured from signatures. FullContact employees will not access your email unless you explicitly give us permission for the purpose of checking on the quality of our data capture, or fixing a bug in our software. You can pause the import of signatures or disconnect your inbox at any time.

For more information, see FullContact’s Privacy Policy.

How to Get Started

As a Premium user, to get started, login to FullContact for the Web or FullContact for iOS and look for Email Signatures in the left navigation. Click Connect to activate your inbox. You’ll be asked by Google to provide authorization for FullContact to read and manage your email. For Basic users, you’ll first be asked to upgrade to FullContact Premium, which comes with a host of other fantastic features.