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Three Marketing Efforts That You Can Instantly Improve with the FullContact and Zapier Integration

kelseyanderson | December 14, 2017

In the modern marketing era, customer expectations for personalized experiences are exploding. However, even with the evolution and advancement in technologies, marketers around the world struggle to scale engagement and create compelling campaigns that move at the same speed as customer expectations. As companies decide to increase  time, money and resource investment  into  reaching customers, marketing professionals have to employ smarter strategies to maximize the ROI.

Accurate customer intelligence data is the holy grail for marketers to provide exceptional personalization. Knowing everything you can about a prospect or a customer gives you the opportunities to deliver a superior experience and increases top of funnel leads for your sales team.

Building customer intelligence into marketing strategies can be an obstacle for companies trying to keep up with the pace of business. Ecoconsultancy estimates that more than 46% of companies’ personalization efforts are held back by IT roadblocks and legacy technology.

For many marketers, waiting for your organization to ramp up IT efforts is not an option. Luckily, the integration between Zapier and FullContact expedites that process for you.

  1. Our Zapier integration supports our easy-to-integrate customer intelligence API. Zapier has three main categories of verbs: Trigger, Action, and Search. A trigger initiates a zap; for example “user gets a new customer via website form.”
  2. An action is the action that is taken as a result of that trigger; for example “when new customer is created, add it to X list.”
  3. A search is some kind of lookup; this is where FullContact APIs come into play. A user can set up a Search Person / Search Company step in a zap, which will query the FullContact APIs.

With this integration, you elevate your marketing by setting up Zaps to automate processes and free your time so you can analyze and evaluate personalized marketing campaigns. Use triggers, actions and searches inside of Zapier to improve these three workflows.

1. Level-set your CRM data with lead enrichment

With great content comes great opportunity for lead generation. Most marketers employ a simple landing page and form fill to get information on prospective customers. It’s hard to strike a balance between asking for too much information that people won’t go through the trouble of filling out the form and only asking for basic information. To enrich leads and gain a better understanding of the person behind the form,  you can create a Zap. FullContact will automatically enrich the respondent data points like job, social presence and more. You can then add that contact to your email marketing system.

2. Start segmentation efforts

With enriched contact data, you can easily segment your email sends based on information provided by FullContact. Accessing the affinity, demographic or social data of your contacts can increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. By employing a segmentation strategy, you’ll understand how to craft specific messages, create personas and refine email and campaign KPIs.

3. Time to get personal

Segmenting your customers opens the door for targeting and personalization – the strategy that helps you stand among mass marketing sends. In fact, according to Hubspot, 61% of customers rely more on a company that is inclined to create custom and individualized content. Tailoring messages based on contact data will increase conversion rates and provide a better experience for your customers.

Enriching your contact data provides tons of marketing use cases from account based marketing to influencer marketing and even customer support. Using Zapier with complete contact data enrichment enables an efficient way to personalize efforts and increase sales. Ready to begin the integration?

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