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Print Isn't Dead. How New Tools like FullContact for Teams are Keeping it Alive

contactspls | July 6, 2017

To produce editorial content for each issue of Take Magazine, a small staff needs to keep track of many different kinds of contacts located across New England. Each department has very specific needs: editorial needs to keep in contact with dozens of freelance writers and story subjects, the art director needs to keep in touch with designers and illustrators, the photo editor needs to be in contact regularly with dozens of photographers, and advertising sales needs to be able to keep in touch with clients and prospects.

The biggest challenge we faced as a small team was not in keeping track of our own contacts. Problems arose when someone from production needed to contact an advertiser about the artwork for their ad, or the photo editor needed to reach out to a story subject to set up a photo shoot. We needed a master list that everyone could access whenever and – very importantly – wherever. It’s one thing to yell across the office to get a phone number, but when you’re driving through the wilderness of Vermont to do an interview, you don’t always have the option of being able to ask a colleague for information.

What we didn’t need was something super expensive, complicated to use, or that required a huge investment of staff time to onboard everyone. We needed a tool that reliably keeps track of basic contact info with a well-designed user interface. Once we found FullContact for Teams we knew we had our product.

Installing FullContact for Teams was a fairly straightforward process once we decided how we wanted to organize our organization’s contacts using the system of tags. When we did have questions, FullContact’s support was right there with answers and even to listen to our suggestions for new bells and whistles they could add.


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