Introducing FullContact for Gmail

There are over 400 million people in this world who use Gmail. That’s an incredibly impressive number. Recently we’ve heard a lot of dissatisfaction with the contact management portion of Gmail. While Google Contacts is well-integrated with Gmail, it doesn’t give users much information to work with:

We think better contact management is the key to making you more awesome with people – and better understanding of your contacts leads to better relationships. So we decided to take our FullContact contact management experience, and make it work right within your Gmail.

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to FullContact for Gmail.

Hover Over an Email Address, Get Context

At first glance, some have said FullContact for Gmail looks a lot like Rapportive – or at least, the Rapportive everyone used to love before it was hamstrung by LinkedIn. But we built FullContact for Gmail to do a lot more.

With FullContact for Gmail, when you hover over or type in a new email address, you’ll see a complete, 360-degree view of that contact. We’ve included a complete profile of your contact, including photos, social profile links, and more. You can read their latest Tweets to help you know more about the person and start better conversations.

Additionally, we’ve included company info to help you know more about where your contacts work. Just select the Company tab, and we’ll fill you in on things like company size, date founded, phone number, address and more. (And yes, it’s powered by the upcoming FullContact Company API.)

You can see all this info for your own Google Contacts, as well as any email you open in Gmail – even if the person isn’t in your contacts.

Manage Your Contacts

Seeing more about your contacts is great. But the next step is doing something with all of that information.

FullContact for Gmail allows you to add the person to your Google Contacts or sync them with your FullContact address book with just a click.

You can add tags to a person in order to help organize your address book, or even take some notes about them to remind you of who they are and what to talk about the next time you make contact.

Take Action

Now that you know more about your contacts and you have a better way of organizing them, it’s time to take action. FullContact for Gmail makes it drop-dead simple to schedule a Google Hangout, Skype call or meeting – all it takes is a click. Soon you’ll be able to call the person directly from your inbox, too.

And best of all? You can do everything without ever having to leave your Gmail window.

Being awesome with people is a combination of having the right information at the right time, being able to find it and putting that information into action. FullContact for Gmail streamlines this entire process for you, and we’re adding new features all the time.

FullContact for Gmail is a free download in the Chrome Web Store. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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