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Introducing FullContact for Android

contactspls | October 27, 2015

It’s a busy day and you’re rushed off to your next meeting. But hold up – what was the title of the guy you’re meeting with? Are there any shared hobbies that you can start off the conversation with? Wait, did he recently have a baby?

When we make connections with others, we often don’t have the information we need to truly have productive conversations. With all the social media accounts and email addresses we each have these days, it’s harder than ever to keep your contacts straight. On top of that, it’s nearly impossible to search through all your contacts’ different accounts on a tiny 5” phone. That’s why our goal at FullContact is to let you consolidate all your address books and use our app on any platform, and on any device.

Contact management is not just about having all your contacts in one place. It’s about being able to fully connect with your contacts at all times, no matter where you are.

Introducing FullContact for Android

To that end, today FullContact is available for Android users! You can download it now from the Google Play Store to start mastering your contacts and making better connections.

Here are just a few things FullContact for Android lets you do:

  • Know when people make moves: Updates in FullContact tell you who’s changing jobs, moving to new places and more.
  • Complete social info: We work in the background to find additional public information to enrich the info you already have on your contacts.
  • Save time with quick actions: Swipe right or left on any contact to call or email them right from the app.
  • Context on the go: Review a contact’s company information or recent social posts right before you meet with them.
  • Clean up the mess: Multiple address books means duplicate contacts and incomplete info. For each address book in FullContact, we deduplicate your contacts to make it easier to know which “John” you want to actually call.
  • Sync multiple accounts: Keep your work and personal Google Contacts accounts in sync. You can even sync your accounts with iCloud.

Our computers may not be with us every hour of the day – but our phones are. Keep the people you care about within reach at all times – download FullContact for Android and get started.

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