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How GreenMellen Media Automates Their Contact Management Workflow

contactspls | July 25, 2017

I’ve spent years trying to find the perfect contact management solution. In 2009, while I was still an iPhone user, I made the decision to have Google be the source for all of my contacts on my phone and it has worked very well. Switching phones became a breeze and contacts were easier to manage.

However, the contacts themselves were still a mess. They were easy to use, but they were full of duplicates and fairly difficult to manage. Plus, I use both a Gmail account and a G Suite account every day, and Google doesn’t provide any way to sync the two.

My personal and work lives are quite intertwined, and keeping two sets of contacts just didn’t make sense.

Beyond that, I’ve used a variety of services that pull in my contacts, such as ActiveCampaign, Cloze, Contactually, Pipedrive and others. I typically have those services pull from my personal Gmail contacts (which are synced to my phone), but then I’d be missing a bunch of business contacts. It was a mess.

Enter FullContact. My initial goal was simply to sync my two Google Accounts together, which FullContact did perfectly, but it also does so much more. As I’ve used it and had it help me get everything cleaned up, it’s become my primary source of contacts. Everything goes into FullContact first, and then I let it filter out from there (to Gmail and G Suite, and from those to my CRM systems). This post from earlier in 2017 lays out how it all comes together, with FullContact at the core.

Even better is the new “teams” feature. My business partner and I both meet with potential clients every week, so having a single contact record to share and update makes things much easier. The fact that those contacts automatically end up on our phones (via the sync to Google) means that we have every phone number at our fingertips, even if we’re not in FullContact at that moment. I use Windows and Android, she uses Mac and iPhone, and those systems are completely irrelevant. It’s wonderful!

FullContact is a phenomenal product, and a big part of the growth of our business every day.


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