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Introducing FullContact for Android 2.0

contactspls | March 28, 2017

Today, we’re announcing the release of FullContact for Android 2.0. Once you install or update your FullContact app, you’ll see an improved navigation along with some snazzy new features. Just another step in a wider effort to simplify our apps, improve the way you manage your contacts and stay fully connected to people.

Check out what’s new below. We hope you like it.

New Navigation Tabs

Android 2.0 - New Navigation Tabs

We’ve simplified the app’s navigation by removing the drawer and replacing it with four tabs at the bottom of your screen. By doing so, you can now easily move between your Contacts, Phone Dialer, Activity (for updates and duplicates), and Settings tabs.

Quick Actions

Android 2.0 - Quick Actions

Use the quick action buttons located within your contacts window to make it easier to call, text, email, or share a contact.

Phone Dialer Support

Android 2.0 - Phone Dialer

Dial any phone number directly from your FullContact app so you no longer need to use or access the default contacts app on your mobile device to place phone calls.

Improved Tagging and Tag Management

Android 2.0 - Improved Tagging and Management

To make it easier to manage your tags, you can now access them all in one place from the tag icon in the top right corner of the Contacts tab. Here, you can browse tags created by you (My Tags), default Smart Tags (such as Business Cards or Missing Name), connected sources (such as Google or Twitter) and even Team Tags (if you are using FullContact for Teams). From this page, you can also search, edit, and create tags.

iCloud Integration

Android 2.0 - iCloud Integration

Users new to Android can benefit from our iCloud contact syncing which allows you to easily transfer contacts from an iPhone or Mac to an Android device.

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Your Feedback

What do you think of these improvements to FullContact for Android? We’d love to hear from you. Please leave your feedback in the comments below.

Thank you for reading, and thanks for using FullContact!