Two-Minute Drill: How to Hack Your Salesforce Workflow with Zapier

This week’s Two-Minute Drill focuses on making you work smarter in Salesforce. While it’s an amazing tool, there are always methods for making things better. We’re going to look at Zapier, a service that’s a bit like IFTTT for the enterprise.

Chances are that you’ve already read our post on how to quickly scan business cards into Salesforce with FullContact Card Reader. But taking that a step further, Zapier will allow you to quickly change those contacts or leads around, add more data to them and you can even import to Salesforce from…just about anywhere. Take a look and let us know what you’re using to make Saleforce better for you.

Video Transcript: How to Automate Your Salesforce Workflow with Zapier

It’s the Two-Minute Drill – I’m Brad from Full Contact and this week we’re going to look at Zapier.

Zapier is an API program that’s kind of like IFTT – which is If This Then That, if you’re familiar with that – except that this is all kind of directed towards the Enterprise. So one of the things that we’re going to look at doing this week is going in and taking a look at what you can do with Salesforce and *only* Salesforce. So you can go in here and you can send a Wufoo form entry to a Salesforce as a lead. You could go in and add a Salesforce contact to a MailChimp list.

All of these amazing little things that you can do with Salesforce. Now the thing that you need to know, however, is that in order to use Salesforce with Zapier, you have to have a premium Zapier account, which is going to run you about 15 bucks a month. But that’s 3,000 tasks per month, and you can use 20 different zaps, which are all of these little services you can go in through here. Every individual service has a zap associated with it, or a number of zaps associated with it. So if we go in we look only at the Salesforce ones, which you can see here is a premium service, and it will show you the triggers that you can do: a new case, account, a task, a lead, and you can create the account and a task or a lead or a custom object.

So if you happen to be using this with FullContact Card Reader – which you probably should be because you can start using it for free – then you can go in and automate all of these little tasks. Like let’s say that you collect a contact and they go from a lead to a new account – you can go in and change that automatically within Zapier, and it’s going to save you time and probably will end up saving you a little bit of money as well.

That’s the Two-Minute Drill. We’ll see you next week. I’m Brad from FullContact.