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8 Tools for Enriching Contact Data

Contacts+ Team | October 25, 2023

The majority of sales reps surveyed in a Hubspot report said the biggest benefit to aligning marketing and sales is improved lead quality — and the only way to improve lead quality is with accurate, complete, and fresh data.

That’s why data enrichment is so important, especially in today’s B2B sales cycles, which can be long and complex.

But let’s back up: What is data enrichment in marketing and sales? It’s the process of taking existing data from leads, prospects, and customers and improving or “enriching” it to paint a clearer picture of each person on your list. It’s making sure you have the right email address for a client, the correct job title for a prospect, or accurate records of where and how you’ve communicated with a lead.

It’s easy to see why data enrichment is so important. But when there’s a lot of data floating around across your CRM and other systems, data enrichment becomes very complicated very quickly. Updating your contact info manually isn’t usually an option (and if it is, it will likely take a very long time). The good news is that several tools exist to help enrich your data while adding new information to help inform your marketing and sales teams. Here are some of the most popular data enrichment tools and services for marketing today.


Apollo is an end-to-end sales platform designed for B2B that’s great for cold outreach, with its database of over 265 million contacts. It features automatic data enrichment for your CRM, which keeps your lead data up to date without you having to lift a finger. is wildly popular on G2Crowd, with over 5,000 five-star ratings that primarily reference its data accuracy and powerful user interface.

Pricing: From free to $79 per user per month


Clearbit provides a suite of APIs and integrations that help you enrich contact data with valuable information such as job titles, company details, social media profiles, and more. It can be integrated with various CRM and contact management platforms and uses machine learning to intelligently make improvements to your data. It’s a popular choice for large and enterprise businesses in the U.S.

Pricing: From free to a custom plan


Contacts+ offers a contact enrichment platform that enables you to gather comprehensive data about your contacts. It provides details like social media profiles, photos, demographics, job titles, and company information — and that’s just the start. Contacts+ also offers contact deduplication and profile completion. Customers rave about its ease of use, comprehensiveness of data, and its integration and customization capabilities.

Pricing: From free to $12.99 per month


Hunter is a tool that specializes in finding and verifying email addresses. It helps you enrich contact data by providing email addresses associated with a particular domain or company. Hunter also offers email verification to ensure the accuracy of the email addresses and has a built-in cold emailing platform if you’re not already using another tool or a CRM. Customers especially love the Chrome extension, which makes it easy to pull emails as you browse the web.

Pricing: From free to $499 per month

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the leading sales tools that allows you to find and connect with prospects on LinkedIn. With over 930 million users worldwide, the LinkedIn network provides ample opportunities for businesses of all sizes to make valuable connections. Sales Navigator provides advanced search filters and access to detailed profiles, helping you enrich contact data with professional information, connections, and insights from LinkedIn. One of the only complaints customers share is the cost of the platform — which may not be a problem for enterprise companies but may present a challenge for entrepreneurs and SMBs.

Pricing: Custom, though they feature three plans: core, advanced, and advanced plus.


ZoomInfo is a comprehensive B2B contact and company database with tailored solutions for marketing, sales, operations, and talent. Data enrichment falls under their “operations” brand, and it includes data standardization, segmentation, deduplication, mapping of leads-to-accounts, and other automated data cleansing capabilities. Users appreciate how the platform helps them make more informed decisions when working with prospects, and many boast a significant increase in sales. 

Pricing: Custom


Designed for ABM and ABX marketers and salespeople, Demandbase is a powerful B2B platform that makes it easy to customize interactions with prospects at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Demandbase has refined data enrichment capabilities, giving you peace of mind that you’re working from the most accurate customer data possible. Customers like Demandbase for its ease of use and product upgrades over the years.

Pricing: Custom, but offers three plans: professional, enterprise, and elite.


LeadFuze is a powerhouse lead generation and contact enrichment platform. It allows you to build targeted prospect lists based on specific criteria and enriches the contact data with information like job titles, social profiles, and company details. LeadFuze integrates with popular CRM systems, and when it comes to data enrichment, salespeople who use it have attested to the accuracy of its data. Users also appreciate how LeadFuze will verify email addresses, ensuring your cold email campaigns don’t bounce.

Pricing: Starts at $147 per month

While there are more options for data enrichment tools if you’re looking for a more specialized solution, these tools should be enough to get you started with your data enrichment — leading your sales teams toward more meaningful conversations with leads that ultimately result in more revenue for the business.