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4 Life Management Skills to Bring into 2023

Contacts+ Team | November 16, 2022

Every day is a learning process. Whether you’re getting started on your career journey or are at the peak, there will always be an opportunity to learn a new skill. The key is to be aware of the things you don’t know and have the desire and zeal to fill the skill gaps. 

In this guide, we’ll look at four of the must-have life management skills you should bring into the next twelve months. The new year is around the corner, but you’ve ample time to learn these organization and productivity hacks for a prosperous 2023.

What’s Life Management and Why Does it Matter? 

Life management refers to the ability to juggle different aspects of life, make sound decisions, and take positive actions that improve happiness and productivity. It’s about exercising your mind to improve mental fitness, master emotions, and take charge of your life. 

Don’t confuse life management with time management. While both are closely related, life management goes beyond creating a to-do list and allocating time for events in your day. It transcends these aspects of time management to include everything from learning to set SMART objectives to building healthy habits that help hit these goals. 

Why is Life Management Important?

Life management has three vital aspects: 

Proper life management spurs you to develop a knack for integral facilitation. It helps you to set goals that overlap to increase the chance of achieving both goals and stick to your schedule for success. In addition, life management helps you understand and manage reactions to events and things happening around you. Self-regulation entails acquiring new skills, picking the right moment (optimizing the time you have), and working around obstacles to success. Moreover, life management lets you adjust your goals based on the stage of life, context, and priorities. 

Everyone gets 24 hours every day — but how you utilize the time you have can mean the difference between success and failure. 

4 Life Management Skills You Need in 2o23

If you want to create a better version of yourself in 2023, here are some of the life management skills you should learn: 

1. Sharpening Your Communication Skills

Effective communication is a valuable skill in life. If you know how to listen and respond to others, you’ll be better placed to build strong relationships, solve conflicts, and achieve your goals. 

In the workplace context, effective communication helps teammates develop mutual understanding and strive toward a common goal. It improves teamwork and leads to increased productivity. Moreover, effective communication helps great leaders stand out from those without such potential and could be the skill you need to unlock promotion opportunities in 2023. 

This skill isn’t only helpful in the workplace. Effective communication is indispensable in all areas of life, from marriage to friendships.

2. Improving Time Management 

Time management is a vitally important subset of life management. Effective time management is the ability to prioritize tasks and put your best foot forward to accomplish them within the set timeframe. It’s the knack of knowing when to do which tasks, based on the things happening around you, to get the most out of your day. 

When you sharpen your time management skills, doing more in less time becomes a habit. It helps you take control of events in life without getting stressed out, burned out, or overwhelmed. 

3. Tackling Big Projects

We’ve talked about prioritizing your tasks, but it’s good to mention that the size of each task can make it easier (or difficult) to achieve them. If a task is huge or monstrous, sometimes, it can precipitate procrastination and bar you from finishing it on time. 

Let’s say you want to write a 30,000 ebook in one month. If you keep looking at this task as a whole — 30,000 words in 30 days —  it might condition your mind into believing it’s huge and difficult to achieve. However, when you break it down into smaller milestones, your mind starts to believe it’s achievable. For example, if your capacity is 1,000 words a day, create small projects of 1,000 words and pin them on your schedule. 

Work on it on a task-by-task basis, and let the satisfaction of hitting daily milestones be the impetus to complete the main task. Doing so makes work easier and more enjoyable, and you can wave goodbye to procrastination. 

4. Build Healthy Relationships

You need a support system — family and friends to give you love, support, and encouragement when things take a downturn.

In other words, you have to learn how to build healthy relationships as you enter 2023. Fostering better relationships with friends and potential clients begins by showing that you care about them. Be there to celebrate their achievements and encourage them when they are struggling with a goal. This will spur them to reciprocate your efforts when you most need them. 

Improve Your Life Management Skills With Contact Management

Holistic life management is a constant work in progress. To excel in it, you should be continually regulating reactions, selecting goals, and tweaking expectations. 

The key to improving your life management skills is to be willing to explore new tactics, make mistakes, and adapt on the move. But there are tools that can make it easier to keep track of everything at work. For example, a contact management tool, such as Contacts+, can help you manage your relationships with clients and prospects. By keeping track of important information, milestones, and meetings, you’ll feel more organized and will have even more energy to devote to your 2023 life management goals. 

Specifically, a tool like Contacts+ saves you time by helping you: 

  • Prioritize contacts so you can spend more time on those eager to work with you and less time on those who aren’t ready to move the relationship forward.
  • Stay aligned on internal efforts regarding important contacts so you can work more harmoniously with your team
  • Maintain a clean, up-to-date address book so you don’t have to spend time doing manual cleanup. 
  • Ensure there are no duplicates, so you don’t have to wonder which contact file is the correct one. 

Consider using Contacts+ to help bring some balance to your life and ensure you’re spending your time wisely. Sign up for today!