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11 Things About Contacts+ That Just Make Sense

Contacts+ Team | July 26, 2023

Contacts+ exists to make your life easier – whether you’re a business owner, sales rep, customer success manager, or anyone else who handles a lot of communication with different people!

As a comprehensive contact management tool, Contacts+ boasts a ton of features and benefits that can revolutionize the way you interact with your contacts. In this article, we’ll delve into those features and share the practical ways this tool can help you achieve more in less time. 

Ready to learn how you can make your contact management more efficient and effective? Let’s go.

It Merges Duplicate Contact Info

Isn’t duplicate data the worst? You’re likely familiar with the scenario: you have two different emails for the same contact. You don’t want to spam them by sending emails to both addresses, but you’d also hate to miss the opportunity to connect by reaching out to the wrong address. Contacts+ merges information across channels and removes duplicate or conflicting data, so you’re just left with the most recent, up-to-date info.

It Fills in the Blanks for You

Only have your contact’s name or their business name? You don’t have to manually scour the internet or your devices to hunt down their email, phone number, and other important info. Contacts+ does it for you with the “complete the contact” feature.

You Can Sync Contacts in Two Directions (Bi-Directional Syncing)

Do you struggle with keeping your contact details up-to-date on multiple accounts? It’s a common problem, especially when contacts change jobs or email addresses.

With the Contacts+ two-way syncing feature, you can make changes on one account and instantly see them on all connected accounts. For example, adding a tag to a client on your Google account will automatically update their information on iCloud or any other connected account. Plus, bi-directional syncing means any changes you make on your Google or iCloud account will be reflected across all apps connected via Contacts+.

Offers Tags and Notes to Help You Stay Organized

Managing teams and small business workspaces is easier when you use the “tags” and “notes” features in Contacts+. By using tags (also known as “labels” on Google Contacts), you can organize your contacts based on their product preferences — or any other labels that you might find useful. This can help you improve your communications by having the ability to personalize the content and messages you send your contacts.

Notes, on the other hand, are a place to stash important details your team requires for each client. This could be anything from a summary of an interaction someone had with the contact at a networking event to simple data like where they live or what they’ve purchased in the past.

You Can Nix Undeliverable Emails for Good

Don’t let undelivered emails hurt your marketing campaigns (and potentially your reputation, as ISPs may mark your future messages as spam if it happens too often.) The solution is to remove invalid email addresses from your address book, but doing it manually can be a nightmare when you have thousands of contacts.

Contacts+ automatically scans your address book for outdated or invalid email addresses every week. We’ll flag any undeliverable email addresses, so you can easily delete them from your account and keep your email campaign on track.

You Can Access Caller ID and Use Spam Blockers

Managing contacts isn’t all about outreach; you’ve also got to manage who’s contacting you. What happens when you’re inundated with spammers, scammers, and pushy salespeople? Contacts+ automatically blocks spam and empowers you to know who’s actually contacting you, so you can spend more time on the connections that matter.

It Integrates with Social Media

Do you spend a ton of time jumping from one social platform to another to communicate with contacts? Or, if you’re into marketing analytics, are you able to see which platforms are the most lucrative for you, which generate the most engagement, and what people are saying about your brand on each?

Contacts+ integrates with all of the major social media platforms to sync your contact info and keep those social media communications all in one place to better serve your contacts (and your business).

Get a Host of Benefits from the Contact Dialer

The Contacts+ contact dialer gives you an array of benefits that make contact management easier. From birthday notifications (so you can personalize your messaging) to search and dial, so you don’t have to waste time looking for the right person.

The contact dialer can also help you sort and save contacts automatically. It offers advanced backup and syncing options for your contacts, messages, and numbers, so information is saved and synced across your devices.

You Can Collaborate with Your Team

Collaborative contact management is a must-have for both large and small organizations. You can effortlessly customize workspaces for your salesforce and marketing team, assigning specific roles for each team member based on their level of access — owner, admin, and more.

Contacts+ also lets you create a shared address book for each team. This can be a central hub for all your customer data, ensuring everyone has immediate access to the information they need. No more information silos, just seamless collaboration that helps team members accomplish their tasks.

It Captures Data from Email Signatures, Hassle-Free

Did you know that an email signature is worth more than just a name? It’s a treasure trove of valuable contact information that you’re probably not making the most of! From phone numbers to social media profiles, it has all the details you need to stay in touch with your network.

But why spend time manually adding all of this data to your address book when Contacts+ can do it for you automatically? This nifty tool crawls through your Gmail folders, hunting for signatures from the past six months. It then extracts any new contacts and merges any updated data with your existing address book entries. Say goodbye to duplication errors, and hello to a fully updated network!

No More Lost or Useless Business Cards

Gone are the days of stashing business cards in “places you’ll remember” and never seeing them again. Instead, get your business cards into your Contacts+ account with ease and precision. Contacts+ uses human transcription, providing a more accurate result compared to services relying on OCR scanning alone. It usually only takes about 20 minutes to completely transcribe the card information into your system.

Want to take advantage of all these amazing features? Sign up for a free Contacts+ account today!